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Free To Be You


Forgiveness is a choice, but not an option.

A ship was sailing on a night of pitch-black darkness. Suddenly, the captain noticed a bright light directly in front of him, and he knew that his ship was on a collision course with the light. He rushed to the radio and sent an urgent message, demanding that the vessel change its course ten degrees east.

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Video – 16th Ordinary: Most Wanted


The sisters were not only generous hostesses but also bold ones. At this point, Jesus was walking about with a price on His head. He was an outlaw. His picture was in every post office. They hardly would find themselves in good favor with the police, the Temple authorities, and probably the Romans.

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Who Said that a Priest’s Life Was Boring?


It’s been 31 days since I’ve flown down to Georgia to live with Cha Thông (Fr. Martino) for the summer. Most of my friends were curious as to why I was staying back with Cha after the mission trip this past May and my answer was simply, “I’m 20 years old, entering my third year at university, and have no girlfriend(s) to attend to so why not live with Cha to see if God is calling me.” Of course this was followed up by friendly laughter amongst my friends and I, but it is what is and if God wants me to carry this enormous cross and consider the priesthood then I might as well stay with a priest that I would consider to be my spiritual father in the long run!

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One Small Step, One Giant Leap


Adversity often pushes us into our divine destiny.

Many people respond negatively to adversities and trouble, rather than believing that God can bring good out of the situation. I’m not saying God sends the trouble, but I am saying God will use any adversity you face to take you to a higher level; if you’ll just do your part and keep standing strong.

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Chúa Không Lên Án


Giáo xứ “Các Thánh Thử Đạo Việt Nam” ở Sacramento của chúng tôi có truyền thống tốt đẹp là cứ đến tháng Năm- tháng Hoa Mân Côi Tôn Kính Mẹ Maria- thì cha xứ cho phát động Tràng Mân Côi liên tiếp: để mỗi người hay mỗi gia đình nhận một mầu nhiệm đọc chục kinh mỗi ngày trong tháng.


Video – 13rd Ordinary: Why Did you Do it?!


Why do we do it? Why do we worship as a community on Sundays when others are out fishing, or having picnics, or simply, staying in bed? Why do we walk away from the negativity of the world? Why do we avoid joining the drunks and druggies? Why do we battle against the temptation to use sex for our own selfishness? Why do we stand for morality in a nation that places value on the right of people to be immoral? Why do we fight against those factions of our government and those aspects of our media that mocks us for wanting morality to be the foundation of our nation? Why do we profess faith in Jesus Christ and live that faith?

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Faith versus Adversity


A trial is a test of your faith, character, and endurance.

Many years ago, fishing for codfish in the northeast had become a lucrative commercial business. The fishing industry recognized that a great market for codfish existed all over America, but they had a major problem in the distribution. At first, they simply frozen the fish as they did all their other products, and shipped it out across the country. But for some reason, after the codfish was frozen, it lost its taste. So the owners decided to ship the fish in huge tanks filled with the fresh seawater. They thought for sure that would solve the problem and keep the fish fresh. But to their dismay, this process only made matters worse. Because the fish were inactive in the tank, they became soft and mushy, and once again they lost their taste.